Did you feel anguish?

The one that leaped onto you when you were rummaging for a tiny scrap of ease in the heart.

Did you feel hurt?

The one that sent you crumpling in the shadows; and you breathlessly grasp for a lungful of air.

Did you feel sore eyes?

The one that left your lashes fluttering ceaselessly over the dampness that gave away your implicit sentiments.

Did you feel tears?

The one that streamed down the cheeks unswerving, obscuring your vision from the unwelcoming dread of life.

Did you feel hysterics?

The one that gagged you from screaming out the pounding; merely leaving you with unfailing sobs.

Did you feel throbbing?

The one that escaped all the way to your veins and had you crippled from feeling anything soothing.

Did you feel desertion?

The one that ripped you into endless shards of agony; rooting you on your trembling feet and leaving you in disarray.

Did you feel downfall?

The one that ambushed you from the back and walked away with the very grounds you were animated; ushering you virtually to ruination.

Did you feel hatred?

The one that bubbled up your guts; hurled towards living that never looked to be upright.

Did you feel terror?

The one that had you frozen to the marrow; the bitterness that entomed you in an avalanche of relentless despair.

Did you feel loss?

The one that took hold of your possessions and left you submerged in the depths of unremitting resentment.

Did you feel love?

The sweetness that was surged in the blood; mending things beyond imagination and dissolving you into emptiness when the mystifying rune died out.

Did you?



In the soaring sky I searched for an ember of life.

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