“Let go” I whispered to my heart.


Many years from now, if we ever cross each others path, i will turn around and walk away. If my best friend ask me why, I will say,”See him? This person taught me that the greatest part of being in love is…….letting go when you know it’s only pain that’s gonna haunt you. Maybe I might be wrong about the pain but I do know that hadn’t it been for him, I wouldn’t know how it would feel like to be on my own and hold onto sparks of laughter that lives on most unlikely days. And if I dont walk away, I might never get to tell myself that I did the right thing even if it doesn’t sound convincing enough to my own ears. I might never be able to hold back my tears. See, they don’t hide when they should. It does what it always does; fall. So, i should walk away.



In the soaring sky I searched for an ember of life.

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