He was a friend

That’s how it is with birthdays

while the others can’t decide

what to gift for a present,

I am like, stuck here

chewing my nails off; searching

for, ahem, all the good things to tell you.

[Well, that’s  my way of saying

“I am out of words.” LOL]

people often believe that

good things don’t last long.

so, I guess that makes you a bad ass

[Oh that’s a joke.]

You are a great guy,

with possibly all the right things tosay

but I want to tell you that

the world we are living in

is a disoriented one.

one day its beautiful

and the next, its pitiless

Unbiased by that dubiety,

don’t let your kindness blow out

let no sulkiness sedate your glow.

Wear your warrior gloves,

your heart love and walk proudly

with that crazy,

sweet twinkle in your eyes


Ps. Thank you for being a patient listener and a wonderful friend





In the soaring sky I searched for an ember of life.

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