Dearest Lilemo,

I am so sorry for not thanking you right away for that beautiful piece of affectionate post on my birthday. You can rebuke me for being really irresponsible and reckless. So as you know, I wish I was as inspiring as you say I am but to be pretty much honest, I cant help feeling good hearing it someone; that someone who happens to be a someone i have known these few years and whose inner beauty is even more striking than the adorable face i have hot acquainted with. No number of “TBH” can equal the gratitude and exuberance your existence invoke in my dull life. thank you for letting me know that you read a lot and that you look forward to my not-so-interesting-but-silly scribbles. i bet you nobody has asked me for this in decades. i will inbox you whenever this stupid network is at its best. i am extremely sorry for not being there at your worst. but despite any hardships that block your pat, remember to stay beautiful and shine the brightest, live fully and don’t ever take that endearing smile off your face. wear it like its priceless. oh darling, it is invaluable.

I don’t know how it feels to have someone to share what i feel, be grumpy about when life gets worse, act insane together, keep endless secrets, not be afraid to break rules, argue unceasingly and feel stupid later and all in all , to have someone whose very presence can raise a smile even on a gloomiest day. But one thing I am sure of, I will enjoy every moment of my life knowing you. Be the same wonderful self.

TBH: The most beautiful people do not need to tell anyone they are beautiful, they show their inner beauty just by living and let the world figure it out.42799911_1091614584345239_2933198307930931200_n


In the soaring sky I searched for an ember of life.

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