So no, I am not at all a morning person


kkkkkkkThe day greets me with breathtaking fog that rolls in every morning; the aftermath of the rain we’ve had in the wee hours of the dawn. My stomach growls as if to remind me that I had early dinner last night and that I have curry that would last until the next breakfast if I skip it now. I half grumble at the very thought of the kewa datshi I readily cooked in for lunch yesterday.’When was the last time I didn’t not have kewa in my plate?’ I ponder loudly. A month ago?

‘Ha.’ My mind sneer nastily. I quietly look out the window and fall my gaze on the little bed of kitchen garden I and a friend had worked so hard the entire Sunday few weeks ago. I smile in triumph watching the beans germination in three’s. Why three’s? Hey we didn’t want our energy to go in waste if the seeds did backlash us and refuse to sprout. Three is indeed better than one. Rows of tiny spinach leaves relished the morning breeze.
The light flickers on and off so as to dilute my light mood.

‘Whatever’ I shrug and fix myself a lemon water.

llllll‘When did you become so self-conscious?’ My cousins would definitely ask. Who wouldn’t when you live on top of the hill and it takes almost 200 flights of stairs to reach the staff room and after reaching home, all you do is collapse happily on your bed totally bummed to do anything but nap. I tear down the stairs when the first bell goes off. Crap! I curse under my breath. I badly wish I hadn’t worn heels at times like today. The thought of stumbling and crashing dramatically down the footpath, gave me all the creeps. I walk down perfectly poised and sure of myself. But then big pellets of rain suddenly drops on my head slowly dripping down my nose to the ground. I groan in annoyance. I am not yet accustomed to the unpredictable tantrums of nature. I duck my head in surrender.

“Good morning ma’am.” A row of students greet me in unison.

“Morning” I greet back; relief gradually washing over me. The stack of ill luck I had been going through, banishing to the deepest corner of my mind.

‘Hay! Good morning to you as well.’ I tell my grumpy self giggling quietly. Maybe there is something really good about the mornings you wake up to.

‘Whatever’ I hear in my head.ooooooooooooooooooooo



In the soaring sky I searched for an ember of life.

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