I’m a tiny little princess

Of a kingdom far away

Lovingly i’m engulfed

With the biggest crowd ever.

My maids bow down before me,

They envy my breathtaking tiara

And the overflowing ball gowns.

How they wish to be be

And walk down the aisle

In my shiny Cinderella slipper

To be me,the most beautiful of all.

But that doesn’t end my fairy tale..

With ‘Happily ever after ‘

All those moments seem vague

To my weak human eyes.

They say i’m a repulsive monster..img_2352

An ugly gruesome beast.

And i fear to see my own reflection

The farther i run,nearer it comes

Following me noiselessly all the while.

I’m inside a dark,smelly dungeon

Clouded by my own shadowy past

And a completely dark future

I force my eyes shut to be awake….

And to be awoken by a charming prince,

Who’d say “Wake up milady,wake up…..”

Soothing me that i was dreaming the whole thing..

The whole time…………..0tears-into-a-eyes-fb-cover



In the soaring sky I searched for an ember of life.

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