All that I was NOT

IMG_20150131_101434He says
He’d never seen anyone;
Another crazy me
Anywhere around.
With such terrible aura
And a pretty much ugly flaws.
My strangely knit eyebrows
Mused over obvious enigma.
“You are just predictable” he says
But you are not.
I tell him.
I don’t worry about the glare
I’d get in return
Because no, he doesn’t hear that.
I make a blunt joke.
The one that doesn’t even rhyme.
I keep talking to the open air.
Oh but he is too kind.
Too kind.
I tell him I’d never seen one like him.
One in a million.
Once in a lifetime kind,
“Are you afraid to walk away?”
He jokes airily.
Oh! But I already have.
I already have.



In the soaring sky I searched for an ember of life.

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