A little something called “Get Lost”

The person who don’t matter anymore.
This girl you thought of as a prank,
Well, maybe only you found it funny.
You were lucky er, no the luckiest
To have known this amazing soul
At a very close distance.
While the others would have won the heart,
You prized a never-ending token of distrust.
You were a trunk full of mysteries
To which I wouldn’t bother finding a key.
If you think your absence mattered,
Then I think you are flattering yourself.
I was taught it was rude to call names.
Oh that included “Jerk” as well.
I was told too that it was impolite
To you know, ignore a person
Even if It was someone you didn’t like much.
So yeah, that’s why I am making a point
In letting you know I remember you.
If you are thinking, “I am glad I fled.”
Then I am glad too that you did.



In the soaring sky I searched for an ember of life.

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